2400 Plus Low Competition Niche Books to Sell on Amazon Kindle

2400 Plus Low Competition Niche Books to Sell on Amazon Kindle

2400 Plus Low Competition Niche Books To Sell On Amazon Kindle

Do you know the keys to buying and selling Amazon products with a little bit of a profit margin? Amazon offers many low competition niches with lots of buyers. As an affiliate I can buy books and other items at below wholesale prices, then turn around and sell them for a tidy profit to my buyer. Here’s how to find these low competition niches to sell on Amazon.

The low competition Amazon niche is: Books. People love to read books. Every day tens of thousands of new books are published on Amazon Kindle. If you want a real boost in your income, write a well written book and put it on Amazon Kindle for sale. This will make Amazon think you have real knowledge about the product you are selling and it will drive plenty of traffic to your site.

Amazon offers two main categories for eBooks. These are: Amazon general fiction, and Amazon hardcover/paperback books. Generally speaking, you can find lower priced books in these categories. This is one reason Amazon sells so many books, even when there is fierce competition. It gives them a chance to make money without having to worry about high pricing, unlike eBay where competition drives the price up.

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For example, suppose you wanted to sell a Harry Potter book. You would find a Harry Potter book on Amazon Kindle. Write an article about your book, link it to Amazon Kindle and publish your writing service. Within 24 hours you could see people purchasing your book. Amazon will not let you set a minimum price, they will not allow you to list the book higher than the one you wrote on Amazon Kindle. However, they do give you the freedom to create a more detailed description about your book and make a more compelling offer on Amazon Kindle.

Now suppose you wanted to sell books about decorating your home. There are many good books available for that topic. So you could write an eBook on that subject. Again, you would publish the book for Amazon Kindle, add a few pictures and descriptions, and then publish your service on the Kindle marketplace. Again, there would be very few competitors on Amazon Kindle. You could list your book for as low as zero dollars and still make a profit, but you would not get the same level of exposure that you would on Amazon Kindle.

Of course, if you want to sell a nonfiction book, there are literally thousands of topics to choose from. So again, your choices are endless. If you want to sell a physical book, such as a Harry Potter or Twilight for example, then there are plenty of physical books to choose from as well. Amazon also has its own bookstore where it sells ebooks as well as other things. So your options become much clearer.

Another way to look at it is this: if you have the money to buy books anyway, why not sell them on Amazon Kindle? The low competition and high visibility will allow you to list your books for as low as zero dollars and make a nice profit. Of course, this depends on how well written your book is. If you don’t think you can write a good book, then maybe you should hire a professional writer. But if you do think you can, then Amazon Kindle has the market cornered and is a great place to start. As long as you are offering good information with your low competition Amazon Kindle books, you won’t have a problem.

The bottom line is that buying books on Amazon Kindle is the smartest thing you could possibly do. There are tons of low competition niches to sell on Amazon Kindle. Even if your book wasn’t really made for the Kindle, you can still put it up on Amazon Kindle and make a nice profit. Just make sure you do your homework and find low competition books that are actually written for Kindle readers. Happy shopping!