3 MUST Haves For Success

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3 MUST Haves For Success

Yeah, I’m an absolute failure at the majority of things. I do in life bad at 99.9 of things that I do. There’s point one percent that I’m really good, probably better than most people on the planet, but the rest of the stuff – absolute failure. The wife makes fun of me. I can’t drive a nail through a piece of wood. I’m good at hiring people and your example of engineering is a really good example of that. You can buy engineers, you can buy a guy that’s been MIT-trained that’s picked of. What do you get to pay the guy, 300 grand a year, 500 grand a year, even a million dollars a year for a rocket scientist. You find.

It’s much easier to make an extra 500 million dollars a year when you’re running a company to pay these guys than it is to do what they do and go to school in the heavy thinking, the heavy lifting. It’s what Napoleon Hill called specialized knowledge in his book Think And Grow Rich. But we talk about in my book Billion how I became king of the thrill pill called a three-step plan which feeds in nicely to this and it’s something a friend of mine, wait, boss taught us which is knowledge courage and action. When you are faced with a problem, a challenge, a project that needs to be undertaken, you need to know.

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Knowledge can be bought, knowledge can be borrowed, knowledge can be stolen, knowledge can be rented. Okay, in my case I went out there, I rented it, I talked to people, I didn’t have money, but I convinced them to give me that knowledge. How do you make a pill that has the effects of ecstasy without the side effects that are legal with herbs that we have today? Great! I got that knowledge. What does knowledge do? Knowledge gives you courage. Knowledge – courage – action. Once you know how to jump out of a plane with a parachute, it’s not as scary as if you’re just jumping out and you have no idea what thing to pull or what to do that takes us to the third pillar action. You could know, you could have courage, but if you do not take action nothing happens. You have to be able to fail to succeed so with those three things anything is possible.