7 Easy Ways to Personalize The Customer Journey For Amazon Success

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7 Easy Ways to Personalize The Customer Journey For Amazon Success

Amazon’s revolutionizing online retail and business have brought great opportunities to many Amazon Sellers. In fact, with more than two billion products listed in Amazon’s online shopping catalog for selling on Amazon, an enthusiastic buyer can easily search through hundreds of top-ranked and best-reviewed products in just a few seconds. But when the customer buys something he or she needs to be able to get full value for their money. That’s where Amazon’s customer satisfaction and Amazon FBA program came into play. Let’s take a look at these seven ways to personalize the customer journey for better returns:

1. Provide Great Customer Support.

When customers don’t understand things they should be doing or buying, Amazon’s ability to provide clear and precise directions is invaluable. Amazon offers a large variety of great tools for helping customers find products they want, how to use them, and how to track their orders. Even after a customer has bought a product and is satisfied, Amazon can help him or her understand how to proceed. If Amazon’s basic eCommerce website instructions aren’t easy to follow, that could be a big problem.

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2. Be specific

When customers know exactly what they want, they’re more likely to buy from you. Amazon seller guide gives you many different ways to specify what products your customers are looking for. There’s a drop-down menu that lets customers select categories or search all items by price range or by product type. And there are many other ways to tailor your message to customers and help them find the products they want.

3. Keep It Short And Sweet.

Amazon’s customer satisfaction scale doesn’t go up and down. While satisfaction is important to customers, many will opt to leave if an eCommerce website takes too long to load or if they have to wait to input their credit card information. Amazon can shorten its customer journey by providing clear and short instructions.

4. Build Customer Trust

Amazon’s biggest challenge is making its customers feel that they have control over their purchases. Amazon offers customers the option to sign up for notifications about upcoming promotions or just to receive general news about the company and its products. The email newsletters can be skimmed and read; the emails can also be forwarded. This makes the customer journey visible to customers, which increases their satisfaction.

5. Show Customers What They Can Get.

You can build trust with Amazon customers simply by offering more options. Instead of selling products on Amazon to customers just one size of the bag, for example, you can provide several different sizes and colors so that customers can mix and match as they wish. You can also give your customers the freedom to shop at any time they choose. On the bottom of each page, you can post a number or other criteria that will dictate which items are available for that customer. This way, when they do decide to buy something, it will be right there in front of them.

6. Share A Common Goal

In order for Amazon customers to stay loyal and keep buying, it’s important that you, as the Amazon seller, share a common goal with your customers. If you sell books on Amazon, for instance, you can tell customers that at the end of each month, they can expect to receive a free Amazon digital book or other kinds of useful giveaway.

7. Customer's Reviews

Use features that allow customers to upload their own photos. Amazon has a great photo gallery that allows customers to upload photos of items they have already purchased and show off their lifestyle. These pages look good on tablets, smartphones, and any other device that have enough screen space. Amazon also lets customers use their real names when uploading photos, which creates an even more personalized customer experience.