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99% Genuine Effort, 1% Ingenuine Creativity For Success

And I am a huge fan of the law. I love law um and all things related to it and when I had started my first company and we can go into the story. You know, I created a billion dollars worth of revenue in my teens, creating this legal version of an illegal drug. And I remember there was a time when lawsuits were just flying and I didn’t realize I thought you would have to wrong somebody to get a lawsuit. I was wrong because there were all these vulture lawyers. And this was at a time when the employment practices laws were coming into place. So there were all these people who I never met, who I had never had any transacting with, who were suing me. And I remember. And this kind of goes into my whole philosophy about hacking life.

I just got tired of paying the legal bills because my legal bills were insane. It was back in the 90s. And I think it was at some point like 50,000 or 100,000 a week in attorney’s fees. I had in-house counsel. I had attorneys all over the place and we got this massive lawsuit from some mega-like firm. And that was like backed by a bunch of people, and I don’t even remember what it was about. But what I remember is I told my attorney don’t worry about it, he’s like, no, we got to file a response. We gotta do this. I said don’t worry about it. I got it covered. So what are you gonna do? I was a real Loose Cannon in those days, mind you teenager long hair defiant to no end. Didn’t give an about what anybody thought about me, 0 background in law.

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And so I sent my secretary at the time. This was right before when secretaries were still a thing to go to the store and buy a bag of crayons and some colored drawing paper. And I just started handwriting drawing notes and I cut pictures of myself from different magazine articles. And for the people that are watching I’m showing you right now, there’s a picture of me in a pink robe with long hair, and started writing in crayons. I’m so excited to see you in court. I’m representing myself in Pro Se and I signed it in different colored crayons. And I made a beautiful envelope with that same kind of construction paper that kids use in kindergarten and I mailed it and as soon as the word got out that I was near clinically insane those lawsuits, started dropping off. It was the most miraculous thing my attorney was like we were gonna have you institutionalized but I don’t know what you did, but the majority of them fell off just because they were like, we don’t want to with this guy. He’s nuts.