On Your Toes Against The Black Hat Game

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On Your Toes Against The Black Hat Game

The fact is that on amazon they want you to know very carefully very, keenly that you are playing in the big boy sandbox. That sandbox is not yours, it is theirs and they will not hesitate to slap you with a suspension if you violate their terms of service or even if you don’t. Maybe you have a competitor that doesn’t like you, maybe somebody wants to take up your market share, this happens all the time on Amazon and they will slap you with a fake copyright infringement.

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I’ve got a client right now who is selling products on amazon and a competitor who has been ignoring the amazon space for years just came on and smacked her with a copyright infringement claim and when she looked she said they’re giving copyright that has nothing to do with the product that I’m selling. So there she’s selling product B. They sent a copyright notice on product A to amazon just completely fraudulent because they know that what it will do is take her product down for two to three weeks while she fights it. In that time the competing company can come in and take over her market share. Strictly black hat tactic. So companies do that and again it comes back part to my favorite quote while you are sleeping.