The Markets Are Moved By Human Emotion

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The Markets Are Moved By Human Emotion

And the one thing that I learned Bart from all of this and I think this is going to answer your question is that the markets are not based on much more than one thing and that element is human emotion. The markets are moved by emotion and they are not reasonable or logical. If they were reasonable or logical we would all figure it out. We would be like Jim Simmons who runs renaissance funds, who’s one of the most intelligent guys I’ve ever heard of, who’s got a fund that allegedly you know has never failed and made money year after year and you know he’s one of the masters of quant trading. If you’re not one of those guys and there’s maybe a handful of those guys on the planet.

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Looking at the markets, you’ve got to think of them as being moved by emotion. So the reason why Bart having companies like that could have 30x in value or 40x or 50x in value to the company’s stock price is because of the emotion attached to those brands and the perceived value and the perceived increase in the value of that company once it acquires that thing. It also happens with the talent you know if you have a big company and they grab a famous CEO that could send the stock price up many multiples.