Amazon VAT Service Benefits & New Changes to Seller Central Services

Amazon VAT Service Benefits & New Changes to Seller Central

Amazon VAT Service Benefits & New Changes to Seller Central Services

Amazon has announced that from today they will be providing all sellers with a VAT refund option. This means that if you have made a purchase from an ecommerce site on eBay, and are then made aware by Amazon that the item was purchased in the UK, instead of in another country, you can claim back up to three hundred and fifty pounds sterling. If you have been looking to start selling on Ebay vs. Amazon, this is a good way to attract new customers. It will be an important deterrent to any eBay sellers who may be thinking about doing business with a company based in another country.

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Other changes in this latest update on the Amazon VAT Service is that now all purchases on the site will now be subject to a full UK price assessment. So if you are selling digital products and you choose to implement the new system on eBay, you are going to have to factor in the price of items bought in the UK as well as those sold outside the UK. This is the same as the way that all prices on any other major site are calculated for those selling on eBay, so it should not pose any problems.

Some other key eBay changes in relation to selling on the site include allowing payment by PayPal and allowing payment options such as checks, money orders and bank transfers from a bank account. This latest update on the amazon course benefits & new changes to seller services is designed to help sellers both existing and new. You are able to reach your customers quickly and efficiently through email and this is now also possible via mobile phone. You are able to keep better track of your sales with the simplified listings and added detailed statistics. There are also more advanced reporting tools available to help you with keeping your business records up to date.