Avoiding The Investor Accountability Trap

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Avoiding The Investor Accountability Trap

Yeah, distribution first is a key. One that we talked about. We had great distribution with vape here. The other one was if you can help it don’t take investors. I was all excited about people wanting to invest in my company and putting money in my company and then I realized that oh dude I’ve got like 14. I’ve got to answer to now and that really was a difficult time for me and then when it came time to sell the company and have a nice exit and sell to another firm I realized that I was being held back by investors that couldn’t agree.

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So that was another important lesson that was learned. I think those two are are kind of essential ones and the third one is I had great advice and counsel during the vapir times because I had all kinds of industry experts that came in and helped me with that technology. People really in you know stoners in general wheat heads are like fanatic. They love it. They love you know they they really like are like a community and kind not the most motivated of people back in the day you know. I think now you know with cbd and all the stuff that’s going on the money is there so you get a lot more motivated. People but back then you know stoners weren’t very motivated but they were very kind and very generous and giving with their time and learnings as far as what we were building goes. So it really helps a lot to bring in mentors and people who can help you on that journey.