Believe And Prepare To Get The Job Done…

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Believe And Prepare To Get The Job Done…

Are you planning on going out there and making it be like a casino like hey, I’m gonna throw you know chips on these numbers, and if it hits my number’s great, if not then I guess this wasn’t meant for me, or are you gonna go out there and no matter what it takes, get that win? You’re going to make that nail go through that piece of wood. If you’re going to use a hammer, a sledgehammer, a shotgun, your wrist whatever it is, don’t use your wrist but a rock whatever it is that nail is going to go through.

It might take a thousand hits, it might take two hits but you’re gonna make that happen and if you can do that yes you can go from rags to riches. You can go from rags to millions to billions to whatever it’s very possible but what’s more important is the fact that you can be adaptable, that you can be changeable, that you go in there you know expecting the worst.

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Ready for the best ready, for the worst, doesn’t matter. What happens but you know that you have this ability to move through any environment and when you have that it’s like uh a Latin saying they say uh I I believe it’s pronounced Nothi Sutan – Know Thyself. I think they said that that was over one of the great libraries the great ancient libraries that said know thyself and why is that important because when you know yourself you know your weaknesses and you know your strengths and you know that you’re adaptable and gritty and ready to go out there and to do whatever it takes.

Be ready to do whatever it takes. You might not have to do whatever it takes to succeed then the world’s your oyster. It’s the people who go out there, who are like man I’m gonna do my best, I’m like your best you’re gonna go out there and get it done right? I don’t want anybody who’s gonna do their best. Your best is don’t care about your best. I wanna know that you’re gonna get the job done.