Blink And You Will Be Eaten, Think And You Will Stay Ahead

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Blink And You Will Be Eaten, Think And You Will Stay Ahead

So I had another quote for you, um but then when I saw this quote uh I was like well let’s make this the quote of the episode – While you are sleeping, your enemies are planning your demise. So what does this mean to you? Everyone’s too fragile. Everybody has thin skin. Everybody’s thinking man maybe I won’t get first place. I’ll win a consolation prize. I’ll win second place. All you know I don’t I can just take it easy. Whatever you’re thinking right now, google it. 50,000 people are thinking it. Whatever you want to do, there are a million people out there better than you who could do it and if you close your eyes in the time it takes you to blink, there are 50 other guys who were just waiting for that opportunity to take over your share of the market.

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It happens every day on every platform and the way that you get around that is by knowing who you are. Being self-reflective. But always being one step ahead and you can learn that from great teachers, great mentors. But I oftentimes tell people to seek somebody out who is where you want to be in life and have them show you how they got to where they are and if you do that, you can always be one step of the one-step-ahead should say of the competition.