Build 3rd Party Social Footprint For Your Brand

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Build 3rd Party Social Footprint For Your Brand

So whatever service business you’re in or product business those reviews show up and they’re probably not on your platform. I have hundreds of reviews on Shaheen, on my computer but they’re not necessarily on amazon, on google maps, or each website because I don’t own all those platforms. I have to go dig them up, put them in a graphic, put a photograph on them, put them in an email like we’re talking about 20 years worth of reviews.

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You need to have them in front of where your customers are. Now that slides into what you are because right now that’s your main distribution system or at least your students is amazon but if you do sell directly on Etsy, directly on your website, directly on google maps, they need to be right there and you got to make it easy for them to do it.