Business Success Using Shaahin’s KCA Method

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Business Success Using Shaahin’s KCA Method

Three things that you need – knowledge courage and action. The knowledge you can buy, you can borrow, you can steal, you can rent, right? Maybe better not to steal it but you can rent it. You can hire people and that’s what I did. I picked up the phone. The first phone call I made was to Andrew Wilde, the great naturopath, the guy who wrote all the textbooks, who’s like now you know he’s got a TV show. He’s got books you know keynote speaker whatever and I said, hey I want to make this herbal version of ecstasy. Can you help me and he said yeah sure and he gave me contacts and told me about herbs and then I went down to Chinatown. I found some herbalists and I said, hey I don’t have any money but I know herbs don’t cost very much. Can you front me some herbs? They said, sure and you know everything started coming together so that’s knowledge. I borrowed it, I rented it, I bought it whatever to figure out what I’m doing. I knew nothing about doing that stuff. I was just making it up as I went along and we tried so many different formulas. It started off as like five bags of like these round goo balls like gumballs that you had to like pop down and it worked. I mean got you really high but it tasted nasty and most people got a stomach ache and then we finally got it down and we got rid of the stomach ache and we got it into capsules and you had to eat 20 capsules and then finally after a couple of years we got it down to five small pills and you could choose – you could take one or you could choose five depending on where you wanted to be in life and so that’s knowledge, right?

But when you have the knowledge that gives you the courage. If we don’t know stuff then it’s hard for us to move in life. If you don’t know what you’re gonna do when the client says yes you’re like holy, but if you know you’re going to walk up to that door in your business in the real estate business and you say hey I can get you top dollar for this house and they say yes and you’re like great. This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to list it on the MLS. I’m going to advertise in this. I’m going to make it a pocket list. You’ve got that knowledge that gives you courage, that gives you balls, that gives you cajones, right?

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That’s what you need and all that knowledge and that courage give you the ability to do the third thing – to jump off that ledge with a parachute to take action and that third element of action. Nothing is possible without it so you have to take the action and that’s what I did. I got the knowledge that gave me the courage to move forward to walk into a club and approach a relatively dangerous human being – somebody who’s dealing illicit narcotics for a living and probably has been to jail and had face tattoos. Before face tattoos were cool and walk up to the dude and are like, hey man take a risk on me. This little you know shit-faced lawn care kid that’s gonna you know change history.