Core Pillars To Invest In For Recurring Revenue Growth

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Core Pillars To Invest In For Recurring Revenue Growth

Have foundational thinking. Take the time to invest in four foundations. The first foundation should be some type of real estate. Even if you don’t have money to invest in real estate you can start learning about it now. Your time in learning about cash flow, positive real estate is an investment. That’s a pillar. Everybody in this country should have some investment in real estate and there are other ways to do it. I know people who rent out properties and then they Airbnb them and they’re making seven figures a year doing that. You don’t have to have money to get into the real estate game.

The second pillar in the foundation that I tell people about is that you should learn about the stock market and have some money in the markets. Compound interest. It’s brilliant. That’s how Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world. Compound interest. He invests, he holds, he understands the stock market, fantastic.

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The third area which is where we come in is I think everybody now should have an e-commerce business. Real estate is through the roof right now as we’re recording this and you know almost in august of 2021 real estate’s through the roof at the highest it’s ever been in the united states and likely worldwide. But doesn’t mean that you can’t start looking at these other pillars and this is the reason for this for foundation thinking. So you have your e-commerce business which still costs the same that it costs to start an e-commerce business as it did five or ten years ago. To buy a property now is going to cost you a lot more than it did five or ten years ago. So maybe we’re going to learn about real estate.

Let that cool off and in the meanwhile focus on some of these other areas. So starting an amazon business empowers you to start a company, start a storefront, start building out a brand which is what we teach. We don’t teach arbitrage or going out there and buying cheap stuff at Costco and reselling it.

We teach you how to build your own product using what the market needs and then coming out there and building that as real estate and the fourth pillar is going to be your job or your career whatever you do to feed your family, to keep pampers on your kid, to make sure that you know the wife gets to go out to dinner and you know do all the great stuff that you do or the husband goes out to dinner however you want to look at that.

But having these foundations leads you to never having a bad day because when I wake up in the morning, I go oh real estate’s really really high that’s great but the stock market’s down. I’m not bummed about it. I’ve got these other pillars and this is how you build a solid foundation that you can move forward on.