Crush The Box To Lead Your Competition

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Crush The Box To Lead Your Competition

And what we teach is that nobody wins by playing the game the way they tell you to play it. Big resellers, e-commerce giants like Amazon, I teach this course called amazon mastery where I teach people how to make predictable recurring revenue on the amazon platform. I teach people how to find products, sell them on the Amazon platform and what they want you to believe is they want you to believe that if you are a good little boy Joseph Jaffe and you follow their rules you are going to be just fine.

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But the fact is there are 10 million sellers on there and growing. Multiple people are competing for that same little piece of cheese and if you don’t get creative the way you have using cameos, using the fame and authority of people, using all these tools that are very efficient and effective, you’re using an inexpensive tool to build authority and affect change. If you don’t know how to do those things and you to your credit have done that instinctually. We teach that in our course and we teach people how to use platforms like craigslist and cameo how you can get famous people to be authority figures and figures of influence for your product.