Decoding The “Be The Doctor” Syndrome In Life

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Decoding The “Be The Doctor” Syndrome In Life

How do I get that? They laughed and they said, well, you know son, what all immigrant families want for their kids is the pinnacle height of success than we could ever reach. To be a doctor. Dad thought for a minute. And he said the only way is to become a doctor. You have to go become a doctor. Look at Mr. Rafsanjani down the street. He is a doctor. He has beans, he has a house, be like him. All right, cool. Let’s do that. I want to be a doctor. How do you be a doctor? It’s nice. You have to cut people up. You get money, you get all that. And then I looked at the dude, and I was like, man, that dude is bald, that dude is fat. He is a bundle of nerves.

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The whole family doesn’t look healthy. He leaves at 5 a.m. He does not own his time, and he comes back at 8:00 or 9:00 pm and he is always grumpy. He is the most curmudgeonly human being I’ve ever met. That’s not gonna work so well, how long does it take to become a doctor, the go, you know, 10, 12 years? Then you got to pay off your debt. Another few years ago you got an intern, you got to start a practice. You know, by the time you are 50, 40s 50s solid, you should be able to have the house. But here’s the thing. You don’t own that house. The bank owns the house. The bank owns the car, and you just pay off this debt, and how well is that still selling my hours up. I’m out and I left.