Do You Have A Plan B?

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Do You Have A Plan B?

You know what I would tell anyone and what I do. I speak a lot to students and what I tell them on the front end is you know regardless of how well you do, how good you are. How successful you are. It’s a million percent. There are going to be losses along the way. So I think going into fighting, going into any sort of life or business, just that awareness of all right, I’m going to do the work, I’m going to train, going to prepare, I’m going to develop the confidence, but I do know that I could lose.

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I don’t believe I don’t practice the philosophy of not pretending that there is a possible bad outcome like I know there’s there could be a bad outcome. I could die as I could die, so I’m very honest with that. Um…similarly in business, I don’t burn the ships. I do have a plan B. I just never look at it. I put it in the closet. I haven’t thought about it for years. Same thing with a fight like I’m very aware of the fact that hey, I could lose. I know I could lose but, I’m not. It’s in my back pocket. It’s not even in my consciousness but as part of the preparation, I do reckon with that fact.