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Horses For Courses Leads To Product Success

You’re now listening to Hack & Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. Yeah, one of the interesting things that I think most people don’t understand is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to have great art. Similarly, with technology, you just need to be able to hire specialized knowledge. There are lots of people smarter than me who know how to do engineering, who know how to build the parts of the device, and one of the things now I’m looking at this, which is super interesting, which I don’t know if they’re doing now is that I made sure that none of the parts of this device that we built came in touch with the plastic components of it because I didn’t believe in heating the plastic. So if you look inside the device this is all-ceramic. So we built ceramic. There’s glass, there’s steel inside here. I’m going through this, so I’m looking at this. I’m like dude, I did a great job building this thing. It was a nice device to build but you can hire people, so anytime you want to build anything there are people out there nerds who live on that technology kind of thing and they’d love to do that without burning yet.

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Could we just forego all the carcinogenic elements and have a cleaner way to ingest what we want? And the answer was nobody knew it didn’t exist. And I went about checking out what technology was out there and what was available and I came across the thought of vaporization. Now people had been building crude vaporizers for a while. And I say crude, because these vaporizers at some point burned your material, but they didn’t burn it as much as exposing it to an open flame. So from my research, it turns out that burning something, you heat it to 1200 degrees, you cause it to combust, you create smoke tar, carbon monoxide all this other stuff and you’re ingesting the smoke with some of the oils and the terpenes and the alkaloids, and all the stuff that you want very inefficient turns out that if you heat, that same plant matter to a much lower temperature, 300 degrees, 200 degrees, 400 degrees after that, it starts to burn, but if you heat it to that temperature, it’ll release the volatile oils. It’ll release the cannabinoids, the THC, the nicotine, but what you don’t get is all the stuff that comes with the smoke, because you’re not burning it. Now the challenge, the problem is how do you control the temperature. Because temperature, as we know, once given energy, continues to rise and even when you turn it off it doesn’t cool down immediately. Just like if you turn the heat off under your boiling water the water boils for a few seconds longer and that extra few seconds or minutes that the heat is still there, the heat is still boiling. Can cause your material to burn, causing smoke tar and carbon monoxide, which you’re back to where you started. So I went about developing that technology in the core of our patents that I developed.