Into The Mindset Of Leading CEOs And Business Leaders

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Into The Mindset Of Leading CEOs And Business Leaders

That’s why most CEOs that are where they’re at. We tend to think that people that are CEOs are these people that have gone to school and done you know the things by the book and they come out like this no and I teach this all the time to my students, my students in my amazon course is that those guys are the smartest in the room for a reason and that reason is not that they’ve played by the rules. The reason is they didn’t think outside the box. They crushed the box. These are real next-level thinkers.

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Anytime I’m in a room with a C-suite CEO of a real company, I’m not talking about a dude that’s like you man, I’m CEO of double shade records. I’m talking about legit CEOs of fortune 50 fortune 500 companies. Those guys are smart and they’re smart because they did not play by the rules. They’re smart because they found a hack, a workaround and this is kind of what led us to this whole philosophy of amazon mastery and our whole principle now of hacking systems and kind of getting in there and finding unconventional workarounds which is the definition of a hack to traditional thinking. It’s what works best.