Listen To Your Heart, Learn With Your Head

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Listen To Your Heart, Learn With Your Head

So I’ll tell you one of the first things that I did. So once I made the pills and we got it into the hands of a few of these dealers. I decided that I was going to become a multi-million dollar company. I never thought we would break a billion dollars, but I thought hey, you know what, we’re going to become huge and I thought one of the ways to do that was to license a picture of a famous person. So I walked in, I made a phone call. They said, what’s the name of your company? I said, I just made it up on the spot. I said Global something or other and loved it. I got an appointment and I walked into this big Beverly Hills office. And it was a fancy office in those days and beginning of the 90s and it was, you know, the attorney that was representing this state of so-and-so. And the receptionist was this cute little Japanese girl in her cute little outfit. She brought me this little espresso with a little twist of something. Never had those before and put them on and I was like, this is amazing. And then the guy makes me wait about an hour right he calls me in and he’s you know, the old school like, you know the agent guy. Yeah. Tell him it’s what I could do for less than entire thousands.

You know, hanging up his phone. He’s got all the papers around his desk, you know, total from day one like that guy in. What is its entourage? I have to get with, oh yeah, okay agent guy right? So he’s like that so he looks at me and he goes. All right, where’s your dad? And I said, excuse me. He said, yeah, where’s your dad? He’s like, I don’t have a lot of time kid. It’s like, you know, you’re old enough to drink that coffee. I was like, yeah. Well, here’s what I want to do. You know I want to do a supplement. I’ve already had a little bit of success and I’m looking to license, you know this guy as an image, and you know I’m going to sell a million of these things. So you guys are going to make a lot of money. Just give me the license. And he goes, holds on a second.

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Look kid, you got to go back to school and then he just spent the next seven minutes that he could afford to spare for me to tear me down. Go back to school, go back home. This is crazy. You don’t have a company. You don’t even have a product. You know this is going to fail. Nobody does this. The way this works is you got to go to school. You got a business degree. Then you got to get your Master’s, then you got to go work for a big consulting company. Then after you do that, you know my brain was spinning and then I was depressed and I walked out of there. And I walked you know, I took his business card and I walked into the elevator and I’ll tell you, Michael, I went from this like, yeah, standing up, good posture, chest out, breathing strong to crunched over and like man. What am I doing? Because I was talking about self-talk. Take us into the conversation in the elevator that you’re having with yourself about just what went down. It was all that stuff. It was all that stuff about failure and I’ll never make it and he’s probably right. And I should have gone to school and I should go back home and this was a stupid mistake.