Nothing Succeeds Like Success In Life

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Nothing Succeeds Like Success In Life

You’re now listening to Hack & Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. There’s another story where while I was you know, living in these abandoned buildings and on the beach and all these places, I managed to get myself a job at a copy place, at a Kinkos copy. It was at the time and I remember we were in the back. I was making photocopies for Scientology because that’s it was right next to the Scientology building. Yeah, they would have these like, billionaire contracts that they made. People sign and like there was all this paperwork and I’d be like send the copy machines. I was a kid and I remember that I had this boss who was like this evil man like he was like the monopoly guy. He was like you know, he had this like a cat and a cane and a mustache and all this stuff and I would sleep behind the copy machine because it had a nice droning hum. It was warm back there and I could sleep for a few hours so during my shift. I would set the papers, the contracts to print and I would fall asleep behind the copy machine. Didn’t think much of it, but one day I woke up and like to a kick in my side and like his like cane and he’s like standing on something beating me behind the machine and me looking going hey, what the man and you know, him like kicking me out. I didn’t get my paycheck, right? Mind you, I was sleeping in wherever I could sleep. I didn’t have money for food. He wouldn’t give me my paycheck.

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And so, fast forward to the Herbal Ecstasy days and which is not that much past. That may be a year less than a year after that. I’m pulling up to the fanciest restaurant in Los Angeles. This is when I’ve had my success. We’ve broken the billion-dollar mark. This fancy restaurant in the West Hollywood Beverly Hills area, right? And I’ve got this beautiful girl next to me. I’m in this brand new Ferrari, I mean the seats were that supple brown leather, it was Russell Corso, red. I mean it was gorgeous and you know photographers are coming out taking pictures. I throw the keys to the valet, the girl gets out with their high heels. It’s like it’s a movie scene. It’s a movie. It’s a movie scene and at that moment, I was still busy going through my head, I just picked up the car just a little while before and I looked sitting on a curb next to me was this guy and I looked at him and it was my old boss, the evil guy that beat me up behind the copy machine and I told the girl, hang on one sec. The valet was like yes sir, we’ll park the car right out front and I walked up to him and I see him doing this like the double and triple take and his face turning just like bright red and me walking up to him and going hey, I know you. Do you remember me? And he was like, oh no. And he looked like he was about to explode. Yeah, and I just said, that’s all right and it just didn’t. It almost went over his head, but I know he registered. I know he registered who I was and I think it just didn’t compute. It was like somebody seeing a UFO or something. He didn’t believe and I knew at that moment that I had made it and I tell people oftentimes the greatest revenge is success 100 percent.