November Sourcing Ideas and Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers


November Sourcing Ideas and Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers

After all the excitement and jubilation over Amazon’s decision to open its gates to small businesses, the November sourcing Amazon begins. As we gear up for Christmas and prepare our financial statements, it is important to keep in mind that the way we plan our business is also a major factor in whether we will make it through the busy holiday season or not. In the past we have relied heavily on cold calling to bring business in, but the number of clients we get in contact with each year has been steadily decreasing. This has not helped our bottom line one bit, so I’ve been debating whether or not we should adapt our strategies to include online sourcing.

If Amazon is going to succeed in this endeavor then they are going to need a lot of help from their suppliers. I am skeptical that Amazon can control every aspect of their supply chain and their sourcing requirements. I’m also skeptical that Amazon has the resources to handle everything and to be efficient. So what do we do?

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We have been using Amazon tools to perform some basic research on the competition and see what kind of prices they offer their customers and the kind of services they offer. We also check out the reputation of the wholesalers that we might ultimately end up buying from. One thing we haven’t been able to find out is how Amazon handles returns and if they will ever offer a refund if you are unhappy with the product. Amazon offers an excellent November Sourcing Ideas and Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers Course that you can take at your convenience and it provides a lot of ideas and advice for Amazon sellers, but in the end it’s down to you whether or not you’re going to take it.