Plan For Life Prosperity, Not Probability

Amazon Guru

Plan For Life Prosperity, Not Probability

And the students that I have the ones that I can tell are going to succeed are the ones who don’t look at it like it’s a roulette table right. They don’t think like hey, I threw the little ball in the thing and it went around and landed on my number right. They look at it as I’m gonna hit this nail in the head until it goes in and if the hammer doesn’t work, I’m gonna use a sledgehammer. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna use a rock. Whatever it takes, I’m gonna get it done. Those are the guys that that make it.

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The guys that go in thinking like it’s a roulette table sometimes they succeed sometimes just using our algorithms they can make a few wins but outside of that those aren’t the people that really end up succeeding and making it and that’s the thing you’ve got to be able to pivot at any time. I’m sure you guys know in in your world Facebook changes their all the times. What you could do five years ago you can’t do now.