Planning For Active And Passive Income

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Planning For Active And Passive Income

That’s cash flow positive real estate, great. More wealth is built in this country by real estate than than pretty much anything else right. You should have one one area of your business that’s you know in the stock market and then another area that pays you to work you know. If you’re still in the business of selling your hours which I know a lot of us have gotten out of but if you’re doing that and that’s the money that you’re bringing in for your rent, your family whatever that’s respectable. But you have those pillars.

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So you never wake up having a really bad day right? I might wake up one morning and go oh, there’s a storm in Florida one of my houses got reamed but you know what, the insurance will cover right but, okay maybe a couple months have lost revenue or something but then I look at my amazon business. I’m like holy, amazon’s doing great. Most people don’t know this. Amazon did probably 10x. A lot of sellers did 100x sales during Covid. It was a big disaster. It was the best two years so far for business ever on Amazon.