Problem Situations Can Lead To Positive Outcomes!

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Problem Situations Can Lead To Positive Outcomes!

You’re now listening to Hack and Grow Rich with Shahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. Is it true that you cut the cards in your living room for the first thousand games? Is that a true story? Yes close. So we did a thousand games was our test market and we had some assembled them by hand. Well, the one problem we had was just before our launch, the printer screwed up and sent us the wrong cards. And they were 500 cards per game at a thousand games. With 500000 cards when they were supposed to come sorted game a game of 500 cards, they came completely wrong. So we had to hand sort…. you’re laughing man. It was like oh! I thought it was I have admitted. It’s the only tantrum I ever threw. I mean, the printer calls me up. Can’t get it done. I launched the phone but we had to figure it out and it would be like and the math is 9580 playing card decks of playing cards.

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Your stupid brother puts them in the middle of the room, mixes them up, and walks away. Now, you got to get all those freaking cards back in those boxes. That was our job in six days, went to Nordstrom. It became our first big sale. 170 shoe boxes. Put the tape, put tables in my apartment, got all the furniture out, and we hand-sorted 16 hours a day for six days, but we got it done right. It was like the worst moment in our life, but it was the best moment because we bonded, we got it done. We could overcome any obstacle. So it turned out maybe the best thing that happened to us.