Ranking Based On Sales Numbers

Amazon Fba Beginner

Ranking Based On Sales Numbers

The most important thing is being visible. So to be visible what we call ranking, you show up on that first page. When you search for I don’t know uh pie cutters and go on to that first page of amazon when you click through, there are about 10 or 20 items on that page. That is golden real estate. There might be 2000 products, there might be 20000 products, but whoever is on that first page has it. Whoever’s got the number one listing that’s gold. So amazon discovered hey, I know how we’re going to get up there. It’s going to catch 21 catch 22 English not so good. Um, so whichever catch it is and what they did was they designed their algorithm so that the more sales you have the higher you rank.

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So if you want to be there in that top 10 of amazon, what you need to do is to generate sales because if a product has a lot of sales that means a lot of people are buying it. That means that amazon wants to have that low-hanging fruit on top because it’s the best user experience and a product that doesn’t have very many sales they can push to the back. After all, whoever wants to buy that specific brand will look for it and find it under that brand’s keywords.