Respond “Less” To Negativity Or Naysayers

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Respond “Less” To Negativity Or Naysayers

You’re now listening to Hack and Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. Well, I started studying this when I was like 15 years old through cognitive psychology. And of course, the handwriting analysis, which I’m famous for and one of the first things that I learned was that being sensitive to criticism, caring too much, what people thought was a flaw and it was a physical pain in your chest of like someone not approving of you. And I had that as a kid. I remember having the members-only jacket and I’m dating myself. But like I cared, whether I had a certain jacket. And when I made these changes to my brain, I just didn’t give anymore. And I think I probably overcompensated by not giving a. Quote-Unquote like all the best-selling books, these days and I kind of became an a-hole but I was an aggressive successful, and I got what I wanted a lot.

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And so, now I’m back with a little more empathy, a little bit maturity, a little bit more, you know, kind of mindfulness than I probably did at 23. but I’m still a big fan of finding these fears that are controlling you of this reactive sort of mind and unprogrammed it. And so I noticed we talked about all these best-selling books with the word F in it and that’s just of course to get attention, but they’re all essentially, some form of cognitive psychology. Some point of NLP or Henry analysis or something, where people are trying to reprogram the brain to not care so much about validation, and in today’s world with Instagram and all the social media and all the endorphins, a lot of people care too much. And I think that stops you as an entrepreneur and I know the next, I know our next guest is someone who didn’t get stopped at all and he’s still making waves and I can’t wait to meet him.