Right Mindset, Right Mentoring = Right Results

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Right Mindset, Right Mentoring = Right Results

Usually, you have a set path in life and unless that path is disrupted you will have a tendency to go for wherever inertia will take you. Most kids these days I mean look at 15-year-olds now right they don’t I mean they don’t know how to wipe their own butts. Much less like going out there and starting a company right. Do you have any kids? “No”. Okay, so most kids like I’ve got nephews who I just look at and I’m like oh my god like they’re you know I’ve got one nephew who’s in his teens and I really would like him to be more proactive like he is far from starting a business.

I was like when I buy the time I was 16, I had hundreds of people working for me. I was running back then. I had multiple fake ids so I could just go out to like bars and restaurants and have business meetings because I was too young to get into those kinds of places. So I think you know I was ahead of my time at that age and I think it felt like the world wasn’t ready for me in the state that I came in so I needed to have a major life disruption and I went out there and I sought mentors. I write about it in my book.

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I came across a mentor, a guy who really influenced and affected my life in a big way and taught me about business and taught me about influence and how to really navigate the world in a way where it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what you know, where you come from, what like none of that stuff matters at the end of the day if you can master a few simple skills and that’s what I didn’t even you know not having any money which you know from for a lot of people seem seemingly you know debilitating.