Selling Your Story Or Products?

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Selling Your Story Or Products?

I think in general I’ll tell you the number one problem that most entrepreneurs have and that’s that they have the old way of thinking. Most entrepreneurs think to themselves dude I’m gonna Randy, I’m gonna go out there and create a better mousetrap and the world that’s going to beat its way to my door and quickly they learn that in this world of social media and all these types of things that nobody gives a that you have a better mousetrap.

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There are lots of great products out there without any eyeballs and they don’t sell any. So what do you do? What you do is you research markets, you research distribution and you create a product to feed into the distribution. If you give the market what it wants, what it needs, what it can’t do without and you know how to tell a better story than the next guy. You are miles ahead of somebody who’s like dude I’ve built a better thingamajig and I’m gonna go go tell people about it because then that person has to spend money advertising. They have to educate people. They have to build a market. They have to educate that market. They have to advertise. They have to do so much stuff. Instead, find the market find the distribution and just give it what it needs tell a better story bring extra value.