Sound (Sonic) Technology: Future Of Vaping

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Sound (Sonic) Technology: Future Of Vaping

You’re now listening to Hack & Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. Where do you see vaping moving in the future? Do you think that inhalation is going to be a means of delivery for other things like medications, I’ve seen one vape that was caffeine, right? Yeah, I spent a lot of time building this technology for pharma companies as well. All the big pharma companies, all the big tobacco companies were very interested and I’ve built several iterations of vaporizers using sound sonic technology.

There’s a way to do it, where you can use sound instead of heat nebulizers, very common form of vaporization uses ultrasound to volatilize plant matter. If you see nebulizers that people that are asthmatics or that have lung conditions use ultrasound. It’s got a small ultrasonic transducer. So we built an ultrasonic transducer that could volatilize things like CBD or cannabis and nicotine. It seems to me that when you and again I’m not talking from any scientific understanding but it seems to me that when you use a liquid just for the convenience sake that liquid is also getting into your lungs. The beauty of using whole plant vaporizers is the fact that you are only taking elements directly from the plant. There’s nothing added to the plant. So what you’re getting are just those elements. Sure, you are getting oil, a terpene, a cannabinoid, THC, whatever it is that settles on the lungs and goes through the lungs. The lungs are intended only for taking pure clean air if you can get it. But I think it’s one step removed to say okay, we’re just going to heat it to get what we need. I think that’s fairly benign in my opinion assuming the devices are built well enough.

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When you move into using these liquids that who knows what’s in them. And some companies might have more reliable ones than others but when you move into the liquids and you move into the crystals and you move into the heavily processed materials for the convenience of being able to carry them in a small portable battery-operated device, then you approach that problem. And now you know there are a lot of companies that are making smaller vaporizers. But I always espouse if not smoking anything but if you’re going to do it you should vaporize and if you’re going to vaporize you should use a whole plant vaporizer as opposed to an e-cig or an e-vape for health reasons if you can. That makes sense that makes sense.

Question. Vapor was the first company that you took IPO. So my question for you is how long after your patent did you go IPO and if it and this was the first vape company to go IPO, correct? I think it was one of the first and I didn’t take it IPO. I sold the company to a guy that took it public and I was not involved in that process with Vape here. I exited me and the investors the early-stage investors we all exited.