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Spot Your Moment Of Fortune

But as far as just you know entrepreneurship and business goes I mean like they say you know if there’s blood in the street buy real estate. Dude, there was blood in the street and a lot a lot of wealth was created and now like we’re in l.a like everything’s open. People aren’t wearing masks and stuff and you’re looking around and I’m like people are back to buying 7.50 lattes on the corner here and like it’s almost like nothing changed

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I mean the businesses here actually can’t get people to come to work because people are getting more money from unemployment and they’re like well, why do I want to go work for 25 bucks an hour. I can stay home for 24 you know. Yeah, so and that’ll end soon and things things will change and I know that there are people who who went through hardships but the people that we know in our in our industries, in amazon, in e-commerce you know they’ve all thrived there is there there were huge gains to be made.