Stage Your Growth Using Feedback Loops

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Stage Your Growth Using Feedback Loops

You can’t start with a product or a business that’s gonna feel to you like a steel wall. You need to go for low-hanging fruit, something that’s a little bit easier. Why? Because it’s gonna constantly be bringing feedback to you. So it’s gonna close that loop for you and open up the opportunity for you to start taking harder and harder challenges and that’s really the trick to this is that you need to find something that will feed your feedback loop and you can close that loop.

So you put a certain amount of input in you get a certain amount of output out and that loop continues because if we keep banging against the wall with no hope of ever getting breaking through it we’re going to quit and go on to something else.

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That’s why people move on to drugs. You see people that they’re using drugs and you’re like man your life was pretty bad as it was. Why would you add the complication of becoming a drug addict like why would you do that? Well, the answer is easy because it closes the feedback loop. You know you put the drugs in. You get a feeling out. It’s giving you something, whereas the alternative might be hard. You might go out there to start a company, you might go out there you know to chase that beautiful you know spouse female that you’re you know going after and she might not respond to you and the rejection of that might be so hard.