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Mindset Of Champions – Getting It Done …

I don’t think there’s any key ingredient. I don’t think there’s anyone thing, you got to have grit, you got to have resilience, you got to be able, the one thing I would say that’s key is you got to be able to go out there and take some punches, you got to be able to be knocked down. The people I see coming through my amazon fba seller course, the people who come through my amazon mastery course. The ones that come in with the attitude of hey, I’m going to throw my chips on the table and I’m gonna see where that little roulette ball lands and maybe it’ll land on one of my numbers, those are the ones that fail. I haven’t had anybody fail yet by the way.

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The ones that come in and are like you see that nail I’m gonna drive that thing through that piece of wood. Maybe I’ll use a hammer. If that doesn’t work I’ll use a sledgehammer. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna shoot that nail. I’m gonna hit it with a rock. I’m gonna drill through it and then put it in. It doesn’t matter. That nail is going in. If you go to business with that attitude you are going to succeed