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Are You Asking For What You Want?

If you want to get somebody to become endeared to you or to endear yourself to someone isn’t to offer them something because what happens when we offer something that someone immediately one of Cal Dini professional Cal Dinis principles of influence comes into play the sixth principle of influence, which is reciprocity. We think, oh, shit, this guy’s giving me something he’s gonna want something back. He’s gonna have expectations. All my guards go up and boom, instead, this is a great life hack.

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Ask them for something. You want to get to know somebody call them and ask them for a favor. They might say no, they might say yes, they might say maybe. But if they do it, that builds like you were just explaining relationship far better than you giving them something, because people know, people, can smell, people know that like hey dude, you are not giving me the free toaster for no reason, right? You are giving me the free toaster because you want to sell me the timeshare.