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Can Schools Make You Rich?

Can Schools Make You Rich?

You’re now listening to Hack and Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. Schools don’t teach you how to make money. If you want to learn to cut open a dude’s chest and repair his heart and by the way that’s an operation that happens with 18 different people.

I know this because my brother had that operation. It’s a team of 18 people and each of them has a specific amount of specialized knowledge. One guy cuts it open, the other guy is there to look at the aorta, the other guy does this, so it’s very very specific and there’s a number of people involved, then yes, you need a formal education because that’s the only place you can go to learn how to do that correctly.

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But if you are interested in making money, then the current education system has nothing to do with that and you would be much better served.