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Hack & Grow Rich Episode On The Edge

Hack & Grow Rich Episode On The Edge  – Reality Distortion

He’d be like I want a phone with no buttons they’d be like great we can have that for you in like two three years he’d be like wednesday five o’clock and all of a sudden they’d all be agreeing to having that phone with no buttons even though the technology wasn’t it wasn’t there yet it’s that real reality distortion field and i talk about that in my book how you can create your own reality distortion field and and use it to your advantage but i had that i i was going to succeed there was no question it was like you know there was a nail and a piece of wood and i was going to get that through it didn’t matter if i was gonna do with a hammer with a rock with a sledge hammer use my fist you know use a drill it didn’t matter i was gonna get that thing through and and i did and i succeeded..

How Knowledge Gives You Courage To Grow

Taking Risk and Courage in Uncertainties #1 – Tell A Better Story

The first thing is, the first mistake that people make is they think that if I build a better mousetrap, the world will beat its way to my door. That of course we know is incorrect. And we know that companies like Amazon have made that a near impossibility. It doesn’t matter if you have a better mousetrap. What matters is that you tell a better story.