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The Most Effective Way To Remove The Negative Amazon FBA Seller Feedback

In this article we will discuss the most effective way to remove negative Amazon FBA seller feedback. We will not focus on the many strategies that are used to deal with negative feedback, instead we will examine the most effective ways to cleanse Amazon FBA listings. One of the primary benefits of taking an Amazon FBA course is the ability to obtain feedback from other sellers. The feedback from other sellers will help you to identify additional areas of improvement where you can make changes to your business.

When I started selling on Amazon and first tried to clean up my feedback, I discovered that there were many sellers in my region that had negative feedback. It soon became clear that the majority of sellers with negative feedback were selling products that did not match the description that was provided in the Amazon FBA seller portal. This is where the real value of the course and the Amazon FBA certification become apparent.

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After taking a number of Amazon FBA courses, I was able to identify sellers with negative feedback that had products that matched the descriptions. By working with these sellers, over time my feedback score began to increase. I am now able to pass all of the feedback hurdles that are required for certification. As an added benefit, I have found that I now have more customers, and business opportunities, than I did when I began selling on Amazon FBA. The value of Amazon FBA courses cannot be measured in dollars, but it is the satisfaction of knowing that you can do something about the negative feedback that you may be experiencing.

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Is Reselling Allowed on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon is allowed, you just need to be able to find the products which are of good quality and have high demand. Amazon sells almost all products whether they are new or used, and you can start selling right away. If you already have an Amazon business license, then you can continue with selling through Amazon. Amazon does not check your business license in order to accept or refuse your sell, and neither do they ask you to have any kind of seller’s account with Amazon.

If you do have an Amazon business license, Amazon does not allow you to sell on Amazon with no reseller’s account. Reselling on Amazon is possible without having an Amazon business license but it is most certainly not easy. What is needed is an Amazon seller’s account and a reliable dropshipping company with a proven track record. In order to start selling on Amazon, you first sign up for an Amazon seller’s account, follow the instructional tutorials provided, fill out the forms and submit your business license information. The reason you need to do this step is that Amazon requires an updated contact address and other vital information that you will not find on their website.

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The next step is choosing the best dropshipping company to work with. It is important to choose the dropshipping company with the highest reliability and the one with the best tracking system. Amazon provides a detailed dropshipping policy for resellers which explains everything in detail including the taxes that you will be required to pay. Amazon never asks you to pay any taxes on the sell even if you have an Amazon business license or reseller’s account with Amazon. The reason is that Amazon charges taxes on the gross sales of items sold on their platform, and they include any taxes that you may have to pay at the reseller’s end.