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How Knowledge Gives You Courage To Grow

Taking Risk and Courage in Uncertainties #2 – How Knowledge Gives You Courage To Grow?

Knowledge it’s the first thing you need. How do you get knowledge, you can buy knowledge, rent knowledge, borrow knowledge, steal knowledge once you have knowledge. What does that give you? Its gives you courage because you know that with that knowledge you can do anything if I told you hey Sasha let’s go jump out of a plane tomorrow, you’d be like or right now even you’d be like Shaahin you’re out of your mind.

What I mean, what do you mean jump out of a plane? You know, I don’t know anything about that… you wouldn’t have the courage but if me and you spent the next month learning about it,

learning about the parachute and the backup shoot and how you do it and watching the videos and taking the courses and practice how to land in all this and I said hey Sasha let’s mean you go tomorrow or today and jump out of a plane you’d be like bro I’m it’s on.. let’s go.. why what’s the difference you’re not a different person I’m not a different person you don’t have any less or more courage it’s because you have the knowledge!