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Coping With Unreasonable Customers?

Coping With Unreasonable Customers?

You’re now listening to Hack And Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. Now a days when we do customer service, I have a policy where we just refund people’s money.

But every once in a while every occasion when we get a ridiculous customer, somebody who is absolutely ridiculous, I will personally call them up myself and they are always shocked that the president of the company is on the phone and not only will I get them on the phone myself, I will let them know how silly they are being in a very polite way. This goes against everything in customer service and then I will sell them something else. I will make it a point not to leave the phone call without having sold them something and it always leaves a great experience, a great story that they’re going to tell people and you know I don’t do this with reasonable customers.

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So if you get a product that’s bad or you have a bad service experience or there’s an employee that maybe treated you unfairly, then of course we just refund your money and we take care of you the best that we can, always. But occasionally you will get somebody who’s being unreasonable and the best way to approach somebody who’s being unreasonable is to confront them with their unreasonableness and to just call them up and and have a real adult conversation.