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Mastering Distribution – Key Component Of Sales

Mastering Distribution – Key Component Of Sales

One of the things that I learned over the course of the history of selling things and I teach this now to my students, in my amazon course, my amazon mastery course, where I teach people how to make money on amazon is that you have to always think distribution first. Distribution is the single most important component of selling anything. How many shitty movies have you seen in a movie theater?

Probably a few. Absolutely yeah, where you’re sitting going holy. I want my two hours back. Right right. Give me my. How did this thing get made distribution equally? Imagine how many amazing movies there are. Great directors, fantastic writers, it’s like godfather five it’s like the greatest films ever that never got made or never we’ve never seen they might be out there somewhere floating around in the ether. Distribution. So the number one mistake that most people make is that they come up with a better mousetrap and then they think the world is going to beat its way to their door that was the old way of doing things. That doesn’t work anymore.

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The way things work now and the easier path, the low-hanging fruit is to find the distribution and to feed it what it needs and there’s certain algorithms that you know, that we teach or that other people teach, that you can find out that teach you how to do that. So I was thinking, well, how am I going to sell this.

So I learned through the grapevine, through people that we knew that Jeff Bezos guy, who had started this bookstore online, Amazon, was going to open up their platform to third-party sellers. That means that guys like me and you could sell anything on there and it was the wild west. There was no restrictions to be becoming an Amazon seller and it was super easy. So you could open an account in 20 minutes. They made it really easy and Bezos style and you could sell anything so I thought.