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How To Use Your Reality Distortion Field To Your Advantage?

How To Use Your Reality Distortion Field To Your Advantage?

So so there is a conspiracy out there for your success when you are that young and that naive. So you have that going for you. There’s an advantage to naivety in that way. The second element is that I didn’t know I could fail. All the signs really were pointing to me becoming a terrible failure dying in some kind of like drug transaction something or other.

But that wasn’t my reality. The reality I had created for myself like what Steve Jobs called his reality distortion field or what I should say Walter Isaacson, when he wrote the book about Steve Jobs, talked about his reality distortion field. When people walked around Steve Jobs, they were like, he’d be like, I want a phone with no buttons. They’d be like, great! We can have that for you in like, two three years. He’d be like, Wednesday five o’clock and all of a sudden they’d all be agreeing to having that phone with no buttons even though the technology wasn’t there yet.

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It’s that real reality distortion field and I talk about that in my book. How you can create your own reality distortion field and and use it to your advantage, but I had that. I was going to succeed. There was no question. It was like, you know there was a nail and a piece of wood and I was going to get that through it. Didn’t matter if I was going to do with a hammer, with a rock, with a sledgehammer, use my fist, you know, use a drill….it didn’t matter. I was going to get that thing through and I did and I succeeded.