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Little Imperfections Make Things Perfect

Little Imperfections Make Things Perfect

There’s a few skills that I should never have. So I realized that the Japanese women, I was like there’s something that’s, it’s just not as enjoyable to watch in Japan flamenco even though you know, yeah, it’s not from here or whatever but I would watch them doing hip-hop dance or whatever and that was fine.

But the flamenco, I just didn’t get and I was in Spain and I walked up to, you know, one of the the masters who was there doing the, you know, singing dancing and I explained to him and I said what is it that you guys are doing differently, you know? These guys are doing all the moves perfectly and I’ve watched these Japanese women do it perfectly when I was in Japan and he said, buddy, it’s not the perfection that makes us great, it’s the imperfection. it’s the mistakes and I realized in that moment that it was exactly what you and I are talking about. It’s the humanity that we’re seeing.

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It’s the fact that they’re fallible people and even though this is their hometown, they’re in Sevilla and Spain doing this dance, it’s the fact that the guy’s voice breaks in the middle of the song, it’s the fact that the dancer does the move with passion and skips a step, like, it’s all that stuff that makes it great. But when it gets translated into a culture, that’s that’s a beautiful culture on its own. I love Japanese culture. I think Japanese food is probably one of the the greatest food in the world and people argue with that, but you know, who’s so bent on perfection that the perfection stops it from being perfect. It’s it’s that adage of of trying so hard that you lose the point.