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Being Aware Of The World Around…

Being Aware Of The World Around…

You’re now listening to Hack and Grow Rich with Shaahin Cheyene and his co-host Bart Baggett. I started reading early after I got my ass kicked daily on the playgrounds. I decided I’m going to take to books and I read Napoleon Hill. I read the early Tony Robbins books, Wayne Dyer. I was deep deep deep into personal development. I read Og Mandino. I read Richard Bach and and all these great writers, those old-timey writers that wrote about success.

I don’t know how much of those guys what they said was and how much of it was real and you know there’s all this controversy around Napoleon Hill and those guys and that’s fine. But it created your frame of mind for sure. That’s right.

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It created a mindset for me that that was possible. So later in life as I approached more and more success, I started reaching out to writers. I started reaching out to personal development writers, business writers and making them my friends and started working with them on some of these concepts of success, which I, you know, to this day carry with me.