The 4 Foundations Of Building A Profitable Business

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The 4 Foundations Of Building A Profitable Business

So success doesn’t come in, like it’s not like a casino, right? Where you’re like, you roll the dice or, you know, you put that wheel in the thing and hope it runs on your number.

The way that it works is, is that you build different foundations. So if you think of it as building a building, right, one foundation should always be cash flow, real estate. Another one should be the markets, you should be invested in the markets in one way or another. Another one should be an e-commerce business. And maybe a fourth one should be whatever feeds your family at the moment, while you are perfecting those other four foundations.

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And when you have that type of foundation built, that nothing can shake you. You know, nothing shakes you at all, because you wake up. And even if there’s bad news, and one of those sectors, it’s rare that all four would go down. So you can be fairly stable and live a really good life, as long as you’re well balanced.