The One Key Mantra To Succeed As An Amazon Seller

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The One Key Mantra To Succeed As An Amazon Seller

You know it is as as it goes from blue ocean to red ocean right one of one of the terms we use to kind of describe things you have to constantly be refining and a lot of people I mean think like much like yourself feel alone going at it. Alone because they’re in there and they’re like man amazon’s not answering my calls. I just get some dude in India you know. The phone keeps getting disconnected because amazon doesn’t really care about you as a seller is the first dirty secret of amazon. They really don’t care. They just you know they want to have a long tail business model. They want to have the most customer-centric company in the world and they do care about their customers.

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They don’t care about you as a seller and they don’t care about the vendors. Not really. So they like to make their public image like they do. So as a seller. You got to really be looking out for yourself and not only that, you got to be ready to adjust and turn on a dime and break on a diamond and and really be able to refine your business otherwise what you experienced happens all the time. You run out of inventory. Your account gets suspended. You know little things happen and they seem seemingly uh devastating to a startup business and that’s really how they weed out you know the millions and billions of people who want to be on there and the people who stay on there.