Understanding The Wealth Curve…

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Understanding The Wealth Curve…

Young to super-wealthy – it’s not like a stairstep. It’s not a perfect line. It’s more like the stock market where you get a really big jump and then you level out for a month or two or three years and I think what’s happening your unconscious mind is now just sort of getting used to the new level of wealth and then from that you make another leap up but it’s not like a steady line and what occurred to me when you explain that and then I want to talk about what the definition of reality.

The reality is source fulfilled is that if you are completely in debt now you’re not going to jump into being a millionaire and then a billionaire you know. There are a thousand times between millionaire and billionaire. I don’t people know that number. It’s big but if you’re out of debt less next month you’re making progress. If you’re moving toward being out of debt and then getting your first house you’re winning like there’s a certain sequence to it.

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I love the idea of getting in a less shitty position because that completely would define a lot of people’s financial situation and we’re not. Most cultures don’t talk about it as openly as you and I talk about it. In fact, for some cultures, it’s taboo to even discuss money. It’s almost worse.

It’s like you never do it but wealthy families especially ones with the generational wealth they talk about money. They talk about investments. They move through that conversation with ease and they make sure their kids also talk about money.