Understanding Your Risk Potential Vs. Gains

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Understanding Your Risk Potential Vs. Gains

The only reason why those dudes are interesting is that they’re defying death by being around these killing machines. Those animals are killers and the reason why it’s interesting, why there is a purity to that interaction is because it’s dangerous.

If they were hanging out with little kitty cats nobody would want to watch it. It’s not interesting. So the fact that dude got mauled. Yes, it’s a tragedy and, unfortunately, anybody gets injured or killed because of that especially an artist or a performer. But at the end of the day, that’s the game they’re playing. They’re like we’re dealing with these deadly situations which make us interesting.

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Come and watch and deadly means that you have that potential so not so much so when you’re rolling with jiu-jitsu or kickboxing because there’s an agreement where you know you’re not gonna fight dirty or you’re you know you might roll hard or you might go all out but you’re not going to do something to injure your sparring partner intentionally. That’s not the goal. I’m sure it’s different in the octagon but doing that so there is I think that agreement when you’re training and when you’re sparring.