Using Adversity To Fuel Greatness

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Using Adversity To Fuel Greatness

Because we have grit that’s the thing. If you look at Iranians, Armenians, Koreans you know Chinese and anybody that comes to this country as an immigrant, you know life is very different outside of the united states and where I came from Iran even though I was very young when I left there we would leave home as a five-year-old and I’d be running with a little five-year-old gang of kids and we’d be doing all kinds of stuff.

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If I came home and my knees were scraped up my mom would be like what’d you do go go wash your knees and come to come to dinner if I got into a fight that was between me and the other kid there was no intervention not really and I think it’s that type of adversity and also not being spoon-fed that allows you to build character and to build discipline which at the end of the day builds grit and it’s that grit that leads you to have this type of discipline as you move forward in life and to have almost this fearlessness about you. When you look at the great entrepreneurs in in our world today one of the things that you notice about them is that they’re really fearless.