What Is Stick-to-itiveness In Business?

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What Is Stick-to-itiveness In Business?

It’s a numbers game, you know, and there’s a personality style that’s right for it. And I think you know if you can thrive in that business, which effectively at some point becomes a door-to-door sales.

Like how can vacuum cleaner sales is not that much different. Like we see the old salesman or like, you know, sticks his foot in the door and tosses a cup of dirt and like people don’t go Like you do, and he goes on with the vacuum and makes the sale. Like it’s a few steps removed from that.

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But it’s the same level of gumption and like, stick-to-itiveness that makes people successful in your industry. And you know, and it’s those people that are thriving, as opposed to the other people that are like, yeah, you know, they’re making excuses.