What’s Your Differentiation Quotient? Or X-Factor?

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What’s Your Differentiation Quotient? Or X-Factor?

What are some of the mistakes that people make? What’s the biggest mistake that people make on amazon I think this goes kind of to what you and I talk about often. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make in life also. I think it’s just going into something with some knowledge thinking that you don’t need to learn the fundamentals because it’s like that adage you know the one of the students who goes to the master and he and the master’s pouring tea and he goes oh master will you teach me and the master has the tea kettle and he pours the tea into his cup and the tea pours over and fills the table and he goes hey what are you doing um and he says I can’t teach you and he says why can’t you teach me he says because your cup’s already full come back when your cup’s empty.

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We teach people how you can contact manufacturers now and get 100 bottles of something made. It’s very common. There’s even a company we talked to the other day that will make you 50 bottles of something and put your label on it, to put your label on it and sell it. Now the challenge with supplements is this. It is highly competitive as the barriers to entry in the marketplace have been dramatically reduced. Everybody has a supplement. So if you have the supplement, you have to be able to differentiate yourself, you have to be able to tell a better story, do better marketing, find a better niche.